Amazon Founder, Jeff Bezos', Shareholder Letters

I spent 5 hours on a plane flying to Las Vegas for a friend's wedding so this gave me a lot of extra time to read.  Where as most people hate flying for understandable reasons, I enjoy it because I have no computer, no service on my phone, and no other distractions to deter me from reading.  There is a nice quote from Jeff Bezos on the shrinking of attention spans that arises from all of these distractions, and yes, even a guy as smart as Jeff is susceptible to these same distractions that shorten our own attention spans.  Here is the quote:

"Lately, networked tools such as desktop computers, laptops, cell phones and PDAs have changed us too.  They've shifted us more toward information snacking, and I would argue toward shorter attention spans."

So what did I spend my 5 hours reading on Thursday?  All of Jeff Bezos' letters to shareholders from 1997 to 2011.  I came across these letters after reading an