Factfulness: Believe It Or Not But the World is Drastically Improving

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

Source: YouGov/Max Roser/Our World in Data

Hans Rosling’s main premise of his book Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About the World — and Why Things Are Better Than You Think is that the world is getting better despite the majority of people thinking that it has gotten worse. Hans has went around the world giving speeches on global health, he has taught in many classrooms on global health, and he has lots of experience as a practicing doctor in many countries around the world. No matter which country he goes, he always finds the same result when he tests his audiences knowledge on whether or not they think the world has gotten better or worse. Undoubtedly the world has improved a lot over the last 100 years.

Hans gives a quiz that measures the progress that humanity has made over the last 100 years and every country that I remember him testing scored below 33%. And he is testing a lot of people including business professionals, graduate students, and politicians across the world. There are 3 choices for each question so that means that if everyone taking the quiz didn’t give any thought to each question and just randomly guessed an answer, they would perform bett