The Founder Of Airbnb On Surviving During The Harshest Of Times

I just saw a video from Brian Chesky, founder of Airbnb, where he is giving a lecture to a couple of Stanford University students on the time he hit rock bottom.  He had no cash left and his company, Airbnb, was in lots of debt.  His co-founder was thinking of moving to Boston - Airbnb was based in California - because he was getting engaged and his fiance wasn't sure if she wanted to remain on the west coast.  Airbnb also wasn't getting enough bookings during this time to generate enough revenue to keep the business going.

So how did Brian survive?  He sold cereal.  The time was around the democratic and republican conventions for the 2008 election and he decided to make cereal that was going to be sold in boxes with two different brands:  Captain McCains (for republican nominee John McCain) and Obama O's - "the breakfast of change" (for Barack Obama).