Thoughts On Creativity

Updated: Jan 27, 2018

I just finished reading Ed Catmull's book called Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration .  Ed was the president of Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Animation Studios.  He was responsible for movies like Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Up, and Finding Nemo.

Ed shares a lot of great stories about how he didn't just create great movies, but how he also built such a creative culture at Pixar, and how hard he strived to maintain this culture throughout his tenure.  He also goes into depth about what was going through his mind and the director's minds as Pixar was creating their movies.  As much as a viewer of Pixar's movies might think that they simply just built a structure and created movies like a widget being built in a factory would be very surprised.  There was lot of thought, adversity, and struggle that went into building these movies.

Ed also touches upon his relationship w