What Is The Kaizen Way

Updated: Jan 27, 2018

The kaizen way is the idea that taking big steps when trying a task or a goal doesn't work because these big steps create fear so we don't take action. The kaizen way is all about taking small steps to tackle a goal.

If at first you sit down to write a paper or a speech and you dream of writing a paper that inspires its readers so much that it has a huge effect on their lives, you may never get started. You are setting really high expectations and this will likely cause procrastination and pause. A solution is to think much smaller and write only a couple of sentences to start off. Even John Steinback, author of Of Mice and Men, would gradually write one page at a time instead of writing 500 pages at once because he understood the extreme difficulty of writing so many words at once.  Our brains didn't evolve to do so much at once.  They have limits, and making meaningful and small impacts over long periods of time are very effective.

Making small steps at a time to achieve your goals and ch