What Makes Life Worth Living In The Face Of Death

Updated: Jan 27, 2018

When Breath Becomes Air is a book by Paul Kalanithi that recounts his life before he was diagnosed with cancer and right after until he died two years after his diagnosis. In the first part of the book, Paul gives a quick background of his life growing up in the desert of Arizona after moving from a suburb in Westchester County and then talks mostly about his life when he is training to be a doctor.

If you aren’t familiar with the patient and doctor relationship that doctors experience then this book will give you a lot of information about it. Paul talks a lot about this relationship because he spent the majority of his life wondering about death and the meaning of life. The patient/doctor relationship answered a lot of these questions for him because cancer and damage to the brain are life threatening so this really forces the patient to think hard about what is meaningful in his or her life. That patient is going to be relying on the doctor a lot to help guide him through that experience.