What Stoicism Is And How It Can Be A Guide To Living A Better Life

Updated: Jan 27, 2018

Stoicism is a philosophy that was developed by Zeno of Citium around 300 BC. It teaches the development of self-control and how to gain courage while experiencing adversity or pain. It was practiced by Epictetus (a born slave who became a famous philosopher), Seneca (a statesman and dramatist) and Marcus Aurelius (a roman emperor). Stoicism was more common in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, but it hasn’t garnered as much attention as it should have in the western world today.

The three important components of Stoicism are logic, physics, and ethics. The Greeks emphasized on ethics a lot and their primary ethical goal was the attainment of value. The Roman Stoics expanded on this and added a second goal which is the attainment of tranquility.

Tranquility is the quality and state of being calm, and it is such an important idea of Stoicism because the Stoics believe that the majority of our troubles are due to our negative emotions. If we are calm then we won’t have negative emotions which cause us to make irrational decisions.

Being logical is another important component of Stoicism and once it is understood tha