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40 Life Lessons

This article has already been widely read and shared since it was published by Keisha Blair in December 2017 but I just came across it now and I highly recommend reading it if you haven't.

It is written by a young woman who just lost her husband and now has to deal with the difficulties of navigating her life as a widow with 2 children.

In this article she shares the 40 life lessons that she learned from her experiences.

And here are her 40 life lessons:

1. Life is short. Live like you mean it.

2. Chasing after the highest paid position is pointless. Service to others is the highest calling.

3. Practice Spiritual Self Renewal.

4. Take a sabbatical. Rediscover the real you.

5. Ignore the naysayers. Its your life to live.

6. Throwing yourself a pity party is a waste of energy.

7. Be wise. Practice journaling.

8. Listen to your intuition.

9. Make your own home-made recipes. Eat well.

10. Life moves too fast. Pray and meditate each day.

11. Pay it forward

12. See each setback as a gift.

13. Say "No" sometimes.

14. Exercise every day.

15. Don't compare yourself to others.

16. Be careful how you set your goals.

17. Meditate on your mortality.

18. Nothing is guaranteed. Plan well for the future.

19. Plan for longevity.

20. Take measured risks.

21. Pick a solid long-term investment and stick to it.

22. Pay off debt.

23. Don't make hasty decisions. Sleep on it.

24. Mentorship is absolutely essential to make the world a better place. Become a mentor.

25. Remember that in helping others you are helping yourself.

26. Develop the right relationships with the right people.

27. Suffering is all around. Take care of those less fortunate.

28. Find joy in a hobby or activity.

29. See the world around you.

30. Go on a road trip.

31. Lifelong learning is important.

32. Spend time with your family.

33. Handle a stressful event or personal crisis with dignity.

34. Have a personal mission.

35. Build a platform to help spread your mission.

36. Get the important things right.

37. Set actionable New Years resolutions.

38. Make the holidays count.

39. There are too many wasted moments. Truly live within each moment.

40. It is true - marriage is really a beautiful thing.

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