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The 5 Categories of 10-100 Baggers In The Stock Market

Updated: Jan 21, 2018

On November 28, 2016, I read a great lecture that Mohnish Pabrai gave to students at the University of Peking.  In this lecture, Mohnish shares a lot of his experiences, both positive and negative, from being a hedge fund manager.  

He defines what a 10-100 bagger in the stock market is, the 5 different categories these stocks fall under, and ways to help an investor find these opportunities.

After reading this lecture from Mohnish I wrote an article for that summarizes the lecture into 3.5 pages.  

The article I wrote made it to the top of the trending articles on Seeking Alpha's homepage the day it was published and is posted below also, along with a link to the full lecture.

Article (login required but free to sign up):

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