The Reason Why Humans Rule Planet Earth

Human beings were an insignificant animal for the majority of time. But today they are the ruler of planet Earth, which begs the question, “How did this happen?” How could an animal that was once so insignificant in the food chain that it would have to wait for the bigger and stronger animals to kill their prey and hopefully leave something left for us humans to munch on rule planet Earth? The answer to this question lies in our ability to cooperate flexibly in such large numbers, but this begs another question. Why are we able to cooperate flexibly — by flexibly, I mean willing to change — in large numbers? The answer is because of our imagination.

All humans form a group because it is easier to accomplish something in a group. The problem is that once a particular group reaches a certain threshold of members, that group then begins to socially break down or eventually become dysfunctional. You can begin to understand why this is so if you think about a group you had for a school project or a work assignment. The more people that are added to the group the harder it becomes to communicate with everyone, the harder the group becomes to manage, and the harder it is to meet up and get together with everyone’s busy schedule.