Transcript Of The Reason Why Humans Dominate The World Boils Down To These Two Abilities

There was a fascinating paragraph in Yuval Noah Harari's book Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind about how humans went on to rule the world.  Humans evolved from apes and chimpanzees and they were never the fastest, biggest, or most aggressive of all of the animals in the jungle.  Lions are bigger and more aggressive, bears are bigger, and cheetahs are much faster.  For tens of thousands of years, humans became exceptionally well at cracking the bones of animals and eating the marrow because this is where they fell on the food chain.  They weren't at the top, but somewhere in the middle.  After all of the animals higher up in the food chain, like the lion, got the good meat to eat, humans got what they could to survive.

But what was it that caused human beings to rise so fast to the top of the animal kingdom, a position that th